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Below you'll find several resources to aid you in your Christian walk and life.


Christianity Explored

Rico Tice & Barry Cooper

Excellent introduction to who Jesus is and why every man, woman and child needs him for this life and the life to come.


The Christian Life

Sinclair Ferguson

Excellent primer on how God works to save us in and through the work of Christ. Getting God’s saving work right always leads us into worship.


Love Walked Among Us

Paul Miller

Fresh and important look at the One into whose image we are being transformed. A closer look at Christ will alter your goals of obedience to God.


The Prodigal God

Tim Keller

In the parable there are, of course, two lost sons. Jesus reveals his gratuitous grace to both the irreligious and the moralistic, and changes the lives of both.


A Praying Life

Paul Miller

Finally, a book on prayer that is realistic about our challenges to pray. Paul Miller inspires you to a deeper, more joyful life of prayer.


Knowing God

J.I. Packer

A modern classic on the person of God; he is both High and Nigh in holiness and love.


Delighting in the Trinity

Michael Reeves

The necessity and beauty of the Trinity – the source of all love. Doctrine taught in a memorable and fresh way, drawing from both the Bible and historical theology.


The Whole Christ

Sinclair Ferguson

Important book reflecting on Marrow controversy. Hook: the cure for both legalism and antinomianism (the belief that the moral law is of no use anymore) is understanding and tasting union with Jesus Christ himself.


God in the Whirlwind

David F. Wells

Wells takes you to the heart of God who is himself Holy-Love.


Married for God

Christopher Ash

Dismantles tendency to idolize marriage with a refreshing, God-centered approach to marriage. Gets headship and submission right.


Shepherding a Child's Heart

Tedd Trip

Raise children with a heart for God and obedience to him – inside out.


The Peacemaker

Ken Sande

The classic for laying out the Biblical path to resolve conflict and reconcile relationships.


Get Real

John Leonard

Shows believers how to evangelize naturally, in everyday life.


The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel

A skeptic court reporter puts Christianity to the test and finds more than he expected.

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