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Two Seminars

Dear Faith Family, How prepared are you to share your faith? Talking about Jesus is often hard. Jesus said it would be. (Matthew 10:26-33, 34-39) But it gets even harder when you don’t train to share your faith. Jesus taught and mentored his disciples before sending them out. It would be wise for us to train too. To help us grow in our Evangelism skills, Faith Church is hosting two seminars. A seminar is just one part of learning how to talk about Jesus, but it can help you grow in knowledge and skill. What are the two seminars? The first is Express Your Faith. If this sounds familiar, it is! The seminar was slated to run in March but was canceled due to wintry weather. Express Your Faith is geared to help you think of starting spiritual conversations with those around you. Once you have a meaningful conversation, it equips you with tools to pursue a discipling type of evangelism for those who are interested. We will meet on Friday night April 20th (7-9:30 PM) and Saturday morning April 21st (10:00 AM - 2 PM). The second seminar is a Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) training held on two Saturdays in May (19th and 26th) from 10 AM -2 PM. I have a soft spot in my heart because I trusted Jesus when my father presented the gospel to me using the wordless book which is used by CEF. This training helps people relate to this generation of young people and gives great ways to connect with people as well as children. Our goal for the training is to raise up a team to start a good news club in the Elmer public school. It would also be helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to better share Jesus with children. There is no obligation to join a good news club if you attend the training. Each of these seminars trains you in a different area of evangelism. Which one would be more helpful for you? Consider attending the one that would best equip you to better talk about Jesus. Grace and Peace, Pastor Andrew [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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