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Dear Faith Family,

First a little report from the home front. I am grateful for these past weeks to care for my family. Elizabeth and Samuel and I are getting used to life at home together. We are so thankful for this little addition to our household. The extra loads of wash and times awake at night take some getting used to but are well worth it. We will introduce Samuel to the congregation on Christmas Eve and we can’t wait!

As your pastor, my prayer for you this coming year is that you grow in your love and knowledge of God’s word. Do you have a plan to read scripture in 2018? If not, consider the 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan. This plan takes you through the New Testament in one year. You read one chapter five days a week for a minimum of five minutes using five questions to help you worship as you read the text. (Hence the name 5x5x5.)

This plan is easy enough for someone who isn’t used to consistent bible reading to start. It allows for two skip days a week and has a fairly small amount of scripture with one new testament chapter a day. Yet, it covers the entire new testament and provides more than enough for even veteran bible readers to engage with God’s word in a consistent way. You might be able to read a chapter in five minutes but prayerful contemplation will take much longer! Consider trying the 5x5x5 plan with the rest of Faith Church for 2018.

Of course, this plan is not a requirement. Those who have a rhythm of worship that may want to keep going with what is helpful. For the rest of us, try this plan to guide you through scripture this year. One benefit of joining the reading challenge is that we will be on the same page devotionally as a church! Those who wish to read through the OT as well can do so by reading 18 chapters/week or just over 2.5 chapters/day from the Old Testament.

God’s word is the lifeblood of the Christian. Do you have a plan to grow in your love of and knowledge of scripture in 2018? If not, I invite you to join me as I read through the New Testament.

Here is the link to the Bible Reading Plan.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Andrew

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